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Steve Jobs – The Incredible Business Mind Behind the Success of Apple




Steve Jobs the face behind the ultimate success of Apple. Steve Jobs builds the world’s most luxurious mobile brand Apple with the co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Steve Jobs

Along with the engineering mind, Jobs was also creative, and by combining these qualities, he is a great innovator. Which they are. Jobs could bring revolutionary changes in the world of personal computers with this same creativity. Not only this, but he also started a new phase in music, digital publishing, and animated movies. Of course, their personal life or their personality does not make a perfect picture, but still, they will always influence the lives of people with their work and will continue to be the source of inspiration for everyone.

Steve Jobs Childhood

At a young age, Steve Jobs knew that he was adopted. And this was never hidden by his father Paul Jobs and mother, Clara Hagopian. Both of them had raised Steve since birth. When Steve was four years old, he was playing with a girl at his neighbor’s house. And Steve told the girl that he was adopted. That girl said that it means that your birth parents did not like you, so they left you. On this, Steve ran away to his home and told this to his parents. To this, Parents said to him that listen, Steve, “We chose you because you are very special for us, and this is the most probable thing why Steve became a person of self-reliance and strong intentions.”

His car mechanic father was his first hero. Steve Jobs was very interested in electronics as a child. Although he has never been very good at studies, he often found it annoying to sit in class. He often made some trouble with his skills. And this went on from grade school to college.

Steve Jobs meeting with Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs met through a familiar friend at Homestead High. Both were very talented. Steve Wozniak was very gifted in electronics and machines since childhood. While Steve Jobs wanted to be a businessman, just like his father, Steve Woz’s father had an allergy from marketing, he inspired him to do something great in engineering. Despite being older than Jobs at the age, Wozniak was very shy and highly educated. He met Jobs for the first time in his familiar friend’s garage. With a keen interest in electronics, Bob Dylan’s music added a rhythm to his work.

College Dropout of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs College drop-out While Wozniak had decided to go to Berklee University. Jobs was still in confirmation about which college to choose for himself. Because the second parents of Steve Jobs adopted him in the same condition that his schooling would be complete. So their adoptive parents had to work hard to collect their college fees.

Jobs decided that he would not go to the nearby Stanford University. They wanted to go to someplace, which was more artistic and exciting than that. But his decision did not get the approval of his parents, even though Jobs took admission to Reed College, Portland, Oregon. This college, with only one thousand students, was very costly. And then he was also famous for his hippie culture.

Shortly after studying at Reed College, Jobs felt that the course he had chosen was coming in the way of his dreams. Things he wanted to learn, he was not able to learn. And then Steve left the college midway. Now he would start learning what he liked like Calligraphy. Jobs began to like hippie culture while studying at Reed. On Jane Buddhism, he read hundreds of books and became a full-fledged vegetarian. He had left his hair cut and roamed barefoot throughout the campus.


Steve Jobs

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs did a variety of shorts startup business done together. While Wozniak was limited to selling his self-made designs only, Jobs wanted to create and sell some products that are unique and can make money for the company.

First of all, they had to decide a name. Some boring names like Matrix, Technological, and Personal Computer Inc. came to his mind, but then the Apple name should start intermingling him. That seemed different. The reason for choosing this name was not only that Jobs had come to visit an Apple farm, but the Apple Computer name sounded very fun and brilliant.

By that time, Woz was working for HP. They wanted to put their circuit boards there. His product was new and had never used before. That’s why his products got rejected by HP. Frustrated with this, all the products that Wozniak made again were 100 % prepared for Apple only. Jobs believed that his team was perfect because Both were the opposite. One of the wows was very talented, but he used to shy away from meeting people, while the specialty of Jobs was that he could talk to anyone and get his The specializes in flush.

The owner of a computer store, Paul Terrell, became his first customer. He ordered 50 circuit boards for 500$ each. Jobs, Woz, and his sister, Patty, teamed up with his ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Holmes and a friend, Daniel Kotke, after believing in Cramer Electronics and borrowing $ 25,000 from him. And that’s how Apple started from the garage of Jobs’ home in Los Altos.

Project LISA( Local Integrated System )

For the entire five years, Jobs tied in a relationship of yes, sometimes no, with Chrisanne Brennan. Apple’s launch was very successful. Jobs now left his parents’ home and started living in a $ 600 rented house of Cupertino. Brennan was back in her life now. Both were now living together. When both were in their 23rd year of a relationship, Brennan was about to become the mother of Jobs’ child.
However, the entire focus of Jobs was only on his company. They did not want to settle down in this relationship. Now the arguments have started between Jobs and Brennen. The arrival of this child was causing problems in their relationship. Jobs never had the idea of ​​marriage, and he also denied being the father of this child. Despite all this, Brennan did not give up. Some of his friends stayed with him in this challenging period, and on 17 May 1978, in Oregon, he gave birth to Lisa Nicole.

The mother and child started living in a small house in Menlo Park, and they were living with the amount received in the welfare. When Lisa was one year old, Jobs had to undergo a DNA test in those days, whose result was 94.41% chance that Steve is Lisa’s father. Hence this is proved. The California Court ordered him to give the monthly support for the upbringing of Lisa. Although he could now meet his daughter as per the court order, despite this, he never went to meet her.

1981- Success year of Apple

In 1977, Apple sold 2,500 units in the initial phase. And in 1981, their sales increased to 210,000. Although Jobs knew very well that this round of success is not going to last forever. So they thought of a new product that is better than Apple. They wanted a design that was entirely their own.

Despite denying his relationship with his daughter, he named his new computer Lisa. The engineer who built it had to think of a similar acronym. LISA meant a Local Integrated System.

In exchange for 100,000 shares at Apple, Xerox Park sold its brand new technology to Jobs and its programmers. Only after a few meetings did Apple‘s engineers manage to copy the mouse design and interface of the Xerox Computers. Lisa marketed with better graphics and a Smooth Scrolling Mouse feature than before.

Apple IPO

On 12 December 1980, Apple was first introduced to the world. Morgan Stanley was one of the banks handling its IPO. Overnight, Apple‘s stock price goes from $ 22 to $ 29. Only 25-year-old hippie college drop-out Steve Jobs had now become the owner of millions. Despite such great success, he preferred to live a simple life away from the appearance.

Jobs had stalked Apple‘s shares to his parents, which cost around $ 750,000, which freed them from the loan. They were now appearing on the cover of the magazine. He did the first cover story for Inc in October 1981. Shortly after that, his cover story also appeared in Times Magazine in 1982. It contained the story of a 26-year-old young man’s journey to becoming a billionaire who started his company just four years ago from his parents’ garage.


Here Mr.Jobs get to know that he gets removed from the Lisa project due to their aggressive behavior. At the same time, an Apple engineer named Jeff Ruskin was busy in making an extremely cheap computer that anyone could buy. And he called his project Macintosh, which was the name of a variety of his favourite apples.

But Ruskin could not complete the work on Macintosh. Jobs found a second engineer and, with his help, built a device that could work on some better microprocessors, but it is a little bit expensive. Macs also hit the market with a better mouse and graphic interface than Lisa.

Jobs was not only a sharp-minded engineer but also an extraordinary designer. For him, product design was nothing short of art. “Simple is Sophisticated” This was the moto for Mac and Apple.

They wanted the Mac to be able to come in a small package that looked very modern from the outside. Apart from this, he also paid special attention to the design of Mac’s windows, icons, fonts, and the external packaging.
After countless proposals and revisions, Jobs got his entire design team signed on a paper. All these 50 signature’s carved inside every Macintosh computer. It is a triumphant celebration of Mac’s design and technology.


Bill Gates and Steve Jobs agreed together. This agreement was about preparing Macintosh with Microsoft software and bringing it to the market. And the condition was that Apple‘s logo would remain in the program. But this bond did not last. During discussions, Jobs and Gates always start’s a debate on this issue.
Gates was utterly different from Jobs’s background. Because his mother was a civic leader, and his father was a lawyer. Gates had been a tech geek since his tubby private school and had never played a prank like Jobs. Giving up his Harvard studies, Gates started his own software company.

Jobs was a remote person who had a passion for his work, and for this reason, he sometimes had rudeness in his tone.
In contrast, Bill Gates was the psyche of the Discipline, the Practical who used to take steps thoughtfully. It was a coincidence that both of them were born in 1955. They both were the college drop-outs, which brought a revolutionary change in the world of personal computers.

Gates wanted to open the Microsoft software on different platforms. But Jobs wanted that there should be some special software for Apple. Their differences continued, and eventually, their differences benefited the personal computers of IBM.

Microsoft first removed its operating system – DOS and later Windows 1.0. On this, Jobs said, “The problem of Microsoft is that they have lack of creativity, their ideas are neither real, nor there is any culture in their product.”

Resignation Letter of Steve Jobs

He was snatched from the hands of Lisa Project Jobs and made a non-executive member of the board. Of course, he held 11% of Apple’s shares, yet he no longer had many rights. In 1985 he told President John Skelley that he wanted to open a separate company. Jobs said that his company would be different from Apple but would not compete with Apple.

Jobs named his new company NeXT. He told Skelly that he needed the low-level employees that he could keep in the NeXT. When Jobs told Skelly the names of the employees, Skelly became angry because the people whose names were suggested by Jobs were not at all of the low levels. The board member felt that Jobs was no longer honest with the company and was turning his back on his duties as a chairman. Everyone decided to unite and oppose Jobs.

There was a lot of discussion in the media that jobs get removed from the post of chairman. But the resignation was in his mind only when he thought about the NeXT. Finally, he mailed his resignation to executive Mike Marakkula.

These were a few lines of Jobs’ resignation. “Now, the company seems to show an attitude that does not seem safe for me and my new venture… As you know, to do for me in the company’s new guidelines. I left with nothing much, even on the regular management report. I am only 40 now and have a wish to achieve a lot more.

Pixar And The Toy Story

George Lucas was looking for a buyer for his computer division. A friend advised Jobs that he should meet Ed Ketmal, the head of the Lucas film computer division. Art was very interested in meeting Jobs with technology. When he went to the division, he was amazed to see the work there.

The division was primarily selling software and hardware for digital images. On the other hand, there were animators here who used to make short films. John Lasseter, who was the head of this small animation team, confirmed the deal immediately and became a shareholder70% shares.

The unique product of this division was Pixar Image Computer, and hence the new company was also named Pixar. Downey showed great interest in its 3D graphic imaging software. In those days, the animation department of Downey was in bad shape. Pixar’s software first to use in Downey’s “Little Mermaid.”

Between Hussey, John Lasseter and Jobs were thinking together with a story about the feelings of lifeless things. Lasseter was a promising animator who went on to study from the California Institute of Art. When Toy Story was a huge success, a confusion appears, whether it was a film by Disney or John Lasseter. Then Jobs agreed to share an equal stake in the ownership of Toy Story and the rest of the animation films with Downey.

Mona And Lisa

Since 1980, Jobs was secretly searching for his birth parents, and for this, he took help from the detective service. And finally, he found his birth mother. Her mother’s name was Joe Shibble, and she lived in Los Angeles. She lived separately from Steve’s birth father, Abdulfatah Jandali, who was a Syrian. Their marriage was not successful. But he told Jobs that he also has a half-sister named Mona Simpson.

Jobs met Mona in New York. He is delighted to know that he is a novelist. Both were genuinely interested in art, and this was the reason that a deep relationship form between them. Jobs also helped Mona in her book release. Both loved each other very much, and a stable friendship form between them.

Meanwhile, Jobs bought a house for Christian Brennan and Lisa, where they both lived. When Lisa was there, Jobs would not come to meet her. Jobs said, “I didn’t want to be a father, so I didn’t come.” When Lisa turned 6, the arrival of Jobs increased further. He saw that Lisa was very promising in studies as well as art. Lisa was as enthusiastic as him and looked somewhat like him.

One day Jobs took Lisa with him to Apple’s office to surprise her friends. Sometimes, they also used to take her from school. And once he took her along with him on a business trip to Tokyo. Yet there have been many times when Jobs did not reveal his feelings, as time passed, the relationship of father and daughter went through many ups and downs.

Marriage Life of Steve Jobs

In October 1989, Jobs met Lorin Powell. Jobs invited to lecture at Stanford University, and Powell was then a new business school graduate. They were both sitting together during the lecture. Jobs was initially attracted to Powell. They chatted with each other for a while, and then Jobs invite her for dinner.

Steve Jobs Commencement Speech at Stanford University.

Lauryn Powell was a smart, self-reliant, and educated woman. Her sense of humor was incredible, and she was a vegetarian. Jobs had previously dated many women, but he fell in love with Powell. In December 1990, they both went to Hawaii to spend their holidays. At Christmas, Jobs proposed to Powell for the wedding.

And then on 18 March 1991 in Yosemite National Park, they both got married. He was fifty years old, while Powell was 27. About 50 people attended this wedding, including Jobs’s father and his sister Mona. After marriage, the couple got shuffled in a story in Palo Alto. Steve and Lauryn have three children, Paul Reid, Erin Sienna and Eve.

Restoration of Apple

Apple MacBook

It took Microsoft a while to figure out the graphical user interface of the Mac. Also, the company now has a Windows 3.0. Microsoft was also renowned for the new release of Windows 1O. Microsoft had Dominated the market, which was the best operating system ever. During this time, Apple’s sell was continuously decreasing.

Jobs felt that Skelly had made Apple profit-oriented. They could not upgrade the Mac to make it affordable. Apple’s market shares fell to 4% in 1996 from 16% in the late 1980s. Jobs met Apple CEO, Jill Amelio. Jobs told him that he wants to save Apple by creating a new product.

It was on 20 December 1996, when Amelio announced the return of Jobs to Apple as an advisor. Due to his brilliant personality and sharp-minded people in business, Jobs later replaced the CEO of Apple. The first year of his return to Apple was challenging. All the old board members had gone and had to find new ones in their place. Apple lost more than $1 billion.

In 1997, Jobs much promoted Apple’s “Think Different” campaign. He stressed on better marketing and advertising for this. During this time, he was trying to maintain a balance between Pixar, Apple, and his family. By 1998, Apple once again earned a profit of $ 309 million. Both Jobs and his company once again started running on the track.

When Jobs was in his 30s, Apple threw him out of the company. But he did not give up. Jobs turned his attention to his family, Pixar, and NeXT. In his forties, he touched the height of success by making Toy Story. With his return to Apple, he proved that even people beyond the age of forty could achieve a lot.

iMac and The Apple Stores

In 1998, McNattos reunited with IMac in Jobs. Once again, he created a product that was a perfect computer with a monitor and keyboard. The iMac was built entirely like a home computer. Jobs had launched the product in a new kind of theatre with Launching McNattos. He also similarly started the iMac. The iMac, priced at $ 1,299, had become Apple’s best-selling product.

In 1999, there was not a single tech store in the principal streets of the city or any site. Jobs thought, “you can’t bring innovation to the market until you don’t have access to the buyers,” then he had the thought of opens Apple’s retail store. One day one of his colleagues asked him, “Is Apple also a big brand like Gap?” Jobs replied that Apple is a bigger brand than that.

The first Apple Store opened in Virginia in May 2001. This store with white-coloured counters and the wooden floor had all Apple products. By 2004, Apple had made a record in the retail industry, with a profit of $ 1.2 billion. In 2006, Apple’s Fifth Avenue store opened in Manhattan. The jobs had Trademark minimal design from glass, the cube to Steyer case. By the year 2011, 326 Apple stores were opened all over the world.

iTunes And iPods

Apple iPods

In 2000, around 320 million blank CDs sold in the US. People used to put songs from CDs into their computers, and Jobs wanted to do something new in the world of music. Although he had created a Mac with a CD burner, he was still thinking of another easy way to transfer music to a computer to listen to songs quickly.

At that time, the media player of Windows was very competitive. Meanwhile, two old Apple engineers. They developed a music software called SoundJam. Apple took him back to the company and, after reinventing SoundJam, he made iTunes. Jobs launched iTunes in January 2001 with the slogan “Rip, Mix, Burn.”
Jobs thought that to play music, and there is a portable device that can be partners with iTunes. While he was in Japan, he came to know about a new producer whom Toshiba was producing. A device as small as a silver coin could store up to 5 GB data that mean 1,000 songs. Toshiba made this device, but its correct use knows Jobs.

And as always, Jobs wanted that whatever Apple product became easy to use. They thought that since the iPod was already small, the playlist should be made with the computer. Then the iPod could be synced with the help of iTunes. After this, Jobs met with some big music companies for song copywrites and iTunes Stores.

Steve Jobs Suffering from Cancer

It was October 2003, when Steve Jobs came to know that he had cancer. He had been diagnosed with a kidney stone earlier, so he only went for the CAT scan to relieve him. But on examination, the doctor found out that there was a tumor in his pancreas. After Jobs biopsy, which showed that cancer could prevent from spreading in his body by removing the tumor.

But Jobs did not want to undergo surgery. In return, they became a pure vegetarian and resorted to acupuncture treatment. Although his wife and friends persuade him to get surgery, that he needs an operation, it took him months to understand.

In July 2004, Jobs got his second CAT scan done. The tumor had grown. Doctors forced him to undergo surgery so that a part of his pancreas can be removed. He wanted to go back to his work from September, but unfortunately, his cancer had spread entirely in his body. Jobs’ chemotherapy continued.
When Jobs get an invitation for Stanford’s Commencement Exercise, Jobs announced that his cancer had cured. In 2005, his wife held a surprise party on his comeback. He celebrated his 50th birthday with his family and friends.

Launching of iPhone

The whole world had become crazy about iPods. By the year 2005, it was earning 45% of Apple’s total revenue. And as usual, Jobs were engaged in innovating more. He made his argument in front of the board that whatever happened to the digital camera can also happen to the crowd.

To deal with this problem, Apple design a new phone, which has a music player along with the in-built camera. Jobs thought about it and negotiated a tie-up with Motorola, but Jobs could not be satisfied with this deal. Because he did not like a single cell phone available in the market. Apart from this, Jobs was also thinking of a potential market for his phone.

Jobs knew someone who was building a Tablet PC for Microsoft. The engineer who was making it was giving classified information about it. This tablet of Microsoft used to come with styles. But Jobs asked his engineers whether they could make an Apple product that has a touch screen. When the design of the phone presented to them, Jobs see it and said….”This is the Future.”

Cancer Returns

By 2008, Job’s cancer had poorly spread in his body. Apart from unbearable pain, he was also suffering from an eating disorder. Jobs often had the habit of staying empty stomach and extreme diet during their youth. He was careless about food even in the incurable disease of cancer. Jobs lost about 40 pounds that year.

When he brought the iPhone 3G in front of the world, the media showed more interest when he lost weight. Within a month, Apple’s stock had started declining. Jobs finally had to go on medical leave in January 2009. Two months later, he underwent a liver transplant. Due to the tumor found in his liver, doctors became more worried about this.

Some arrangements were made in Apple’s management when Jobs went to medical leave. Gradually, the stock price improved slightly. During a conference period, Operation Manager Tim Cook said, “We are sure that we are here just to make great products in this world, and this will always happen.” Regardless of who is working here, all our attention has always been on innovating. It is so closely associated with the company that Apple will always do its best”.

Jobs, however, was not calm even in illness. His combativeness was still intact. In 2010, he recovered and started coming to Apple again. Cancer also could not stop him, and then he developed the iPad and iCloud.

It was 2011; His doctors told Jobs that the tumor had spread to his bones and other organisms as well.

Along with this, his condition was getting worse due to other problems like pain, weight loss, eating disorder, sleepiness, and mood swings. Jobs want to complete many projects, but due to their illness. They had to sit at home under the care of their family.

Jobs’ last board meeting was on 24 August. He read the letter that he had been revising for weeks to deliver his speech in the last meeting. He writes in it, “As I have always been saying that if I am unable to live upon my duty as CEO of Apple and not able to live up to the expectations of this company, then I will be the first to everyone that I am resigning, and it is a pity Is that day has come today “

Final words about Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs had an ultimate passion for doing his work. His company employees were either hero for him or were worthless. In the same way, his rivalry was either topper in his eyes or incompetent. Not only this, he was overly honest. According to those working under him, he believed in straightforward and smooth-talking.

Jobs used to interfere in everything as he is controlled by nature. Mac’s operating system was what they wanted, especially for Apple. However, Microsoft has benefited from his decision. But Jobs used to insist on making better products than the best, from the design of the product to the experience of the customer, he wanted his intervention. His goal has always been just and just perfection.

More than what the consumer wants, he used to maintain that only the first product in the market should be his. Apple has always been at the forefront of innovation in his existence. As the company’s motto, “Think Different,” Steve Jobs may have occasionally been heard, but he proved himself to be the greatest innovator of the digital era.

Jobs always believed that one of the reasons behind the sinking of any company is that when any of their products is running good, then the company focus more on earning profits. But a successful company is the one that stays till the end because their aim is not just to make money but to aim every time to create something new, and that is what they wanted for Apple.

For the entire three decades, jobs continued to grow towards their goal. He created All in One and Ready True Use personal computers with Apple and Macintosh. He changed the world of animation with Pixar. His iTunes and iPod saved the Music Industry from Piracy. With the help of the iPhone and iPad, business and entertainment remained confined in the same portable device. And iCloud made data sync very easy.

Of course, Steve Jobs is no longer in this world, but his legacy will always be alive. Apple and Pixar went further. Only technology and art will keep pace. What we can learn from the biography of Jobs is that always keep going, keep improving, and these efforts by yourself will make you successful.

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